Trucking of Materials and Goods. Warehousing and Warehouse Management Offshore Medical/MEDEVAC Support Services supply of Emergency medical equipments and medications We Listing To Your Needs....Innitiate A New Idea.....Produce Result We provide Logistics in Personnel Transportation(Journey Management) Door To Door Delivery Service Offshore Medical/MEDEVAC Support Services

Welcome To Irumtech International Limited

Irumtech International Limited provides a wide array of services spanning from Logistics in Personnel Transportation(Journey Management), Trucking of Materials and Goods, Supply and Procurement. Offshore medical services /medevac support ( Manning of offshore installations and Rigs with Medics and Doctors),supply of Emergency medical equipments and medications. We also do training and certification of offshore and onshore crane operators, leasing of heavy duty equipment and labour contractor for offshore and onshore projects.

Each project is specifically customised to fit our client's budget and style. Our vast portfolios extends to Hotels Reservation for Personnel, Maintenance and Caliberation of Medical Equipment, Warehousing, Door to Door Delivery Service (DDDS), and Arrange MEDEVAC Support Centre.

We are continuosly reinventing our service delivery style which inspires us to stand out and raise the bar, turning the ordinary into extra-ordinary and also bringing client's dreams and imaginations into reality.

About Us

Irumtech International Limited is Poised to undertake qualitative, Strategic and innovative impact execution of our Services....

Client Satisfaction is our Number one priority...

Mission Statement

The company's mission is to be the bench mark in logistics and offshore medical services in Nigeria